For BDK 1

Adele Kosman and Marcus Borrman the Swedes of For BDK return with new tricks following their sonically lush drum and bass mixture (which they favour to term drugbeat) “New Ways Of Digging Deeper” that the duo brought us last year. Infact, the twosome kind of tested us at the time, by releasing the aforementioned track to the Swedish market, but settling here and setting the video epic in the heart of the EQ stomping grounds in London Town.

This turn out the duo switch up a gear in dramatics by filtering into the expansively synth crystalline soundscape of “What I Must Find”, spindles of icy anthemic pop grandeur which become heightened evermoreso, by Adele’s gothic priestess commanding vocal.

What I Must Find” is in departure from the woozier drugbeat ambience of “New Ways Of Digging Deeper” which stirred our initial interest in the band but, is nonetheless the full pint of shimmery gloriousness with an extra dousing of a spiky
refreshing layer on top.