So if you couldn't tell, I've been blogging from New York City this past week.  A lot of people have been asking me what I've been doing here so I thought I would update you on the fun and exciting things that I've been up to in New York City this past week as part of my NYC Media Tour to give you a little insight as to some of the fun behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on here in creating the EQ Music Blog

As of right now, I am also stranded here in New York – awaiting a flight back to London due to the horrible Icelandic volcanic ash situation, but I suppose there could be a lot worse places to be stranded!  Here's the quick and dirty on what I've been up to in New York City…

  • I finally got to catch up with Doe Deere and went to the launch of her Lime Crime makeup line at Space.NK in the Upper West Side.  Ironically, Doe Deere went to London to promote the makeup line at Space.NK stores as well and got stranded in London.  So as fate would have it, I offered up my place to her until she can get a flight back to New York City – I'm sure my kitty cat Ronnie is keeping her more than entertained!
  • I was completely honored to appear live in-studio on Larry Flick's Sirius XM radio show – The Morning Jolt.  It was my third appearance on the show and it was super cool to see Larry and co-host Keith Price do their thang live on the air.  The best part of course is being able to share my favourite tracks with Larry's dedicated listeners and we spinned "Mayday" by Tinashe, "Corollaceous" by RebekkaMaria, "Epileptic" by KCAT, "Be Togeda" by Tecnoctitlan and "Electric Touch" by the one and only Sergey Lazarev.  I have audio of the show too in which I'll share with you later!
  • I got to meet up with a lot of my favourite New York City based music bloggers including Gabriel from Modern Fabulosity who took me to an amazing brunch spot.  I've met Gabriel before in London a few months ago and he's a great person to chat to about all things music and gossip!  I finally got to meet Matt and Camille from Hard Candy Music as well in Brooklyn where we did a fun video interview with Jacob from as well.  I was thrilled to also catch up with Arjan from Arjan Writes at Norwood where we talked about all things blogging and a possible collaboration in the future – this involved a few sangria's as well mind you…  I also got to have drinks with the legend that is Sheena Beaston and she is probably one of the coolest bloggers I've met in a long time – big things are happening for her so watch out!  I briefly got to meet Anthony from Tastes Like Caramel too who was looking supa fly.
  • Being in New York, I had to take the opportunity to meet up with some of my favorite musicians as well including Killian Wells and Javi who both have some major things bubbling up with them.  I finally got to meet those crazy kids from Menya as well and due to my flight being canceled, I got to catch their show at Santos Party House with Andrew WK – I have to say that their live show totally lived up to all my expectations.  It was a dirty free for all as Ke$ha would say…
  • Interviews Interviews Interviews!  Of course I made some time to schedule in some EQ interviews and it was totally cool being able to meet the spunky and outrageous Tila Tequila and Kimberley Locke who talked about her new single "Strobelight".  I also got to chat to new upcoming club princess Sariah – all three interviews will be coming to you soon and I think you'll love them.  Before I leave to London tomorrow (fingers crossed) I will be chatting to the one and only Sophie Ellis-Bextor!  I do have an interview with The Pipettes too that I did right before I left London and that will be going live soon – I promise!
  • My week was finished with a little trip to Out magazine where Noah from Out interviewed me about all things EQ and I got to meet the music editor Michael as well who gave me some great feedback – those guys at Out are tops in my books and it was so cool to be in their offices where important gay news magazines like Out and The Advocate is written and created.
  • Five things that I found interesting in New York:  1 – Everyone is talking about Simon Curtis with mixed opinions about his recent viral "search for stardom" campaign.  2 – "Suddenly" by BT ft. Christian Burns is the most played song in NYC right now.  3 – Rihanna is hugely overplayed, it's quite boring at this point.  4 – Everyone is insanely fascinated with Justin Bieber – it's kinda weird.  5 – New York is currently undergoing a massive burrito and frozen yogurt craze which kinda puts a huge smile on my face.

And that was my trip to New York – in a nutshell!  Of course I did a spot of shopping and got to hang out with some of my fave people like Brad and Fallon from Big Machine Media and Rich from RJO Artists.  There just wasn't enough time to do everything that I wanted to do and I only got to meet up with about half the people I wanted to – but that just means I'll have to schedule another trip to New York very soon!  I've had so much fun meeting everyone in New York and just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to meet up with me – I had so much fun! 

Keep your fingers crossed – I'm hoping that by the time you read this, I'll be back on a plane to London and regular blogging will resume!