You know I love Lady Gaga.  I've always proclaimed from the beginning (albeit usually followed with a huge debate) that she's the NEW Madonna.  And I love Madonna – a lot.  

So you can imagine my excitement when I woke up this morning in London to find out that Lady Gaga and Madonna did a funny skit together on Saturday Night Live last night in New York City.  It's hilarious you just have to watch it. Weirdly enough the crowd reaction wasn't quite big enough when Madonna revealed herself. I don't think the crowd quite believed it was actually her!

You'll have to hurry though, these clips are bound to be taken down anytime soon…

Lady Gaga also performed a medley of "Lovegame" new song "Bad Romance" (screams) and a re-worked version of "Poker Face" which paid tribute to her beloved New Yorkers.

And for this performance of "Paparazzi", Gaga rocks a sexy red Minnie Mouse outfit…speechless.