We’ve been addicted to the sounds of euro electronic masters Technologic so much lately that we just couldn’t let another day go by without telling you about them!  Hardly a new act at all, Technologic have been around for quite some time – actually since 2002 when Martina Rauter and Ray Grant met each other on a Pet Shop Boys message board and put their noggins together to come up with the fine synth-pop you hear here.

What we absolutely love about Technologic is that their sound is very true to the 80’s.  They have a very New Order-esque and Kraftwerk quality about them that is almost a bit eerie…yet they don’t sound dated at all.  In fact, when we stumbled upon Technologic – we thought they were a new band.  We quickly found out that they haven’t recorded anything new lately, but with such a good catalogue of songs, they deserve another go on the iPod in our opinions.  Download a few of their best electronic gems from their MySpace page and we thinks you might have the same opinion!

Polish-born Ray Grant has been very busy creating new music though and even has a new album out entitled ‘Deviations’ that you can purchase for a bargain over at his official website.  We thinks Ray is quite a good fella (partly due to the fact that he is an official "Pethead"…ie: a big Pet Shop Boys fan) and he recently had this to say to us about the current music scene and his duffed attempts at trying to sound contemporary today:

"On my home-made synthpop album (Deviations), I gave up all attempts to sound contemporary. Mainly because most of what sounds contemporary is either crap or sounds like stuff from the past anyway. Also, Eighties are obviously the best time ever in music so why bother fiddling with
the perfect formula?"

Well Ray – we couldn’t agree with you more!  Since then, Ray has promised to be a faithful EQ reader as long as we promise to regularly mention Pet Shop Boys from time-to-time and keep up on ongoing new developments in blogging.  We thinks it’s quite manageable 😉

So there you have it – Technologic and Ray Grant are brilliant.  Take our word for it…go make Ray happy and buy his latest album.

You haven’t heard the last of Technologic yet either…we’ll be offering up some fun downloads from their remix catalogue quite soon too.  If we don’t – our friend Raf might smack us on the head with his Powerbook.

Download ‘We Are Technology’ – Right click to ‘Save As’ and enjoy this little piccy of Ray and his pink vinyl…