Writing about boy bands has become an all-too-rare occurrence. Namely, since 2016 when One Direction went on an indefinite hiatus. The consequence was that a ripple effect ensued, signalling a decline in this type of music group setup. However, in Ukraine, they didn’t receive the memo about boy bands being an outdated concept. Like us at EQ Music Blog, the Ukrainians haven’t lost faith in the boy band template having a resurgence soon. In fact, the singer-songwriter Max Barskih shared a post on Instagram a few days ago that alerted me to the group Dside Band.

To avoid confusion with noughties Irish boy band D-Side. The Ukrainian group when performing, incorporates “band” into their name. Proclaimed as Ukraine’s first boy band in 2018, this has made them somewhat of a pop phenomenon in the country.

Lately, two new singers joined Dside Band, they appear in the group’s latest offering, “Zvukami“. (“Musically” when translated into English).

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About “Zvukami” the band comments…

“Our song carries the healing power of music and love, which is designed to fill our days and nights with life, inspire to new heights, be a guide between those who lost each other in the chaos of war”.

Although the band works in the electronic pop genre with “Zvukami,” they evoke a moodier sonic soundscape on the track covering an enveloping sense of darkness. While I wish this song was sung in English. Since the music video provides English subtitles, I have a vague understanding of what is being expressed in the song. It is a declaration of love. Where they are speaking to their lovers, confessing that they miss them when they spend time apart.

Dside Band is vastly different to UK, Irish and American boy bands. In that, the brand of pop takes on a darker musicality. On the flip side of the coin, one area where the Ukrainian boys follow the same formula as other boy band setups. They implement choreographed dance sequences into their performances. Dside Band are smooth movers, and they remind me of what I am missing out on since boy bands took a backstep from emerging on the new music scene.

Connect with Dside Band
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DSIDE.BAND.UKRAINE
Twitter: https://twitter.com/band_dside
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dside_band/