One of these years I need to knock off learning the Russian language off my bucket list, because Max Barskih is at it again! The Ukrainian pop eye candy always knows how to perk up our ears here at EQ with the vibrant euro-club sound and breathy vocals. You could say he knows how to set the mood, or turn up the heat. Just because summer is coming to that inevitable close, doesn’t mean the heat has to turn down, if you know that I mean… for Max Barskih, it certainly won’t end after the (Последний летний день) ‘Last Summer Day.’

Another classic Max Barskih track is driving the season to a close. Fed by rich 90s club beats, ‘Last Summer Day’ takes you behind the scenes on how to really end the season on a memorable note. Sometimes the summer is the only time you can really get close to someone. You may have just met them, but as their holiday ends… a separation occurs.  There is only time for one last dance. As the song goes deeper, they hold onto each other whilst a rough translation of the lyrics exposes a line “Целуй меня сейчас!”  an exclamation “kiss me now!”

The craziest part of ‘Last Summer Day’ is with the 90’s influence, there is no sense of a dated sound. It’s as if Max took the sounds of his childhood and gave it a little modernized twist. A kiss of modern EDM and a splash of a David Bowie flair bring new life to a classic vibe.

But only if this song was in English…

Rough lyric translation:

[Verse 1]:
You and I hid from the morning.
Under centuries we hide moon night night.
Bottoms up last minute –
While eyes and want to boil the blood, blood.

Dawn will share our half.
I want your kiss again.
Can take and hold themselves forced
(Let’s dance), and this night is stronger than we are.

This night is stronger than we are.
This night is stronger than we are.
This night is stronger, more night.
Kiss me now!

Leave Me this night [x-repeated]
This night is stronger.

[Verse 2]:
A night of waiting and built naively
These sand castles, where you and I are.
Dawn will share our half.
I want your kiss again.