In today’s blog post, I shall talk for a short while about what makes a song enjoyable. As I analyze this. The first thing to understand is that my personal preference is that it doesn’t matter to me whether a track is in English or not. Also, another point I’d like to make on this subject. It is not always the way that a song will slow burn its way into my favour. Since, because there are times when a song’s brilliance will blind me in an instant. Although songs that exude catchy musicality or those with distinct soundscapes, however, do have a significant role in winning me over as a fan. A bit of both of these rules come into play for the track “Forêt magique” by French-Canadian electro-pop musician Super Plage. This is a track that I have listened to quite a lot recently.

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Instead of looking at the lyrics and narrative, I instead connect with the vibe of “Forêt magique“. In particular, the dreamy, chilled pop groove is what I adore about this song.

Nevertheless, it is useful, having some insight into the creative process that has gone into the making of a track.

Speaking about the single, Super Plage tells us: “This song was inspired by a crazy trip to a festival. Where the music and the play of lights, hidden in the forest completely bewitched us to create a magical moment during these scorching nights. It evokes dance, glitter and love in the river. Inspirations: Robert Robert, Flavien Berger, The woman.”

Without the cute music video featuring the colourful displays of fairy lights. It is unlikely that I would have arrived at the same conclusion as Super Plage solely based on my listening to the song. Although, neither does it matter to me that I am informed of the meaning behind this song. On this occasion, my becoming immersed in this lovely shimmering music means more to me than words.

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