I must have written hundreds of review posts for EQ Music Blog (although I am not counting numbers) this current blog post is unique. This is almost certainly the first time outside of Eurovision coverage, I am sharing a track which isn’t sung in English or a language used with a UK origin. I was somewhat surprised recently, to be contacted by the Lithuanian singer-songwriter and musician Justinas Stanislovaitis. He must have noticed my plea asking for some European pop tracks, not from the usual places, to check out. Justinas sent over the track “Autour De Toi” (“About Life”) featuring vocals from French singer Kevin Yven. It is the first single taken from an upcoming multi-lingual album project which will be released soon.

Autour De Toi” is sung in Kevin Yven’s native French language. This in itself is intriguing as I don’t bump into many good French language tracks. We featured the French artist Jain a few years ago with her insanely catchy track “Dynabeat” although tracks sung in French have been rather, thin on the ground since. The offering from Justinas has an accent on melodic pop styling. A dreamy, evocative track which is soothing and sung well. My French is more-rusty than an old tin can, which renders me pretty clueless about the meaning behind any of the lyrics. That said I am nonetheless enjoying the little intricacies in these vocals and the wonderful sonic textures woven into the soundscape of the track.

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Of the upcoming album project Justinas with producer Marius Matulevičius, are preparing songs with performers from Japan, Azerbaijan and many others. In light of no Eurovision Song Contest taking place in 2020, this project seems like an interesting, idea to bring to life. This music partnership is cohesive, the production immaculate. The French may have a somewhat chequered past when it comes to proffering pop songs, the dreamy allure of “Autour De Toi” proficiently lays this myth to bed.

Connect with Justinas Stanislovaitis
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Connect with Kevin Yven
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