You all have Raj to thank for bringing the Italo disco track “Amore Unlimted” by the newly formed sibling duo Alcatraz to our attention. He noticed them tease their debut release because of following one of the actors/burgeoning musicians online. The track really is a little gem. We love “Amore Unlimited” because of its heady, electronic vibe and because of the super-catchy melody being pinned down by an utterly irresistible beat. It is totally infectious. And, without hesitation, the most earworm worthy piece of electronic pop mastery brought to my notice for a while.

What impresses me most is the track has not been perceived by two guys known as being musicians. The project is the brainchild of brothers and actors Leo and Aaron Altaras. Leo, known for his role as Benny Grünbaum in “Mein Führer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler“. Brother Aaron is acclaimed for his roles in the Marcel Gisler directed film “Mario” (check out the Boys On Film review HERE) and Netflix hit show “Unorthodox“. Yet, the evidence speaks for itself. Upon listening to “Amore Unlimited” they know how to bring together a bona fide tune. And it goes without saying the music video is very stylish and cool. Because what else would we expect of these two brothers when exploring their Italian roots. The Jeroen Dankers directed clip sees Alcatraz appear as the music entertainment booked at a wedding. It also features their mother, the actress, theatre director and writer Adriana Altaras. My favourite moment of the clip is the bit where their mother pushes them out of the group. Who is lined up, assembled ready, for the wedding photographer to grab a few snaps of the life-changing event.

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Alcatraz is inked with the independent label Live from Earth who describes heir Italo electro sound as conveying the values of love, nostalgic romance and intercultural understanding.

Speaking with Martin Onufrowicz of Behind The Blinds magazine, the brothers said

(Leo) “Yeah, I started producing about six years ago. Aaron and I always had a dream of starting a bit of a kitschy duo boy band. And we thought that this would also be a nice way of mixing our Italian heritage with our home, Berlin, and the music scene there.”

(Aaron) “Our first single, “Amore Unlimited” has been very inspired by the Italo Disco genre. But more generally, our sound is quite eclectic – there are some 2000-era disco, French electro or trance music influences.”

(extracts from Behind The Blinds check out the full interview HERE)

Who knew these guys would be this good as musicians. I actually prefer the track more because it is NOT sung in English. Being more authentic to the Altaras brothers roots. I am also excited to learn there is an album forthcoming. And also kinda hungry for their tuneage if “Amore Unlimited” is anything to go by. Definitely, I will be keeping an eye on them going forward.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alcatrazzz/
Leo Altaras: https://www.instagram.com/lennyaltaras/
Aaron Altaras: https://www.instagram.com/aaronaltaras/