Aggresive cuntgresive, fun, witchop REALNESS is what she is serving on YUNG RAPUNXEL video, hunty.

Azealia banks has been criticized over the past 4-or-so-months, for all the irrelevant controversy going on online. And guess what? We only want the music. I don’t care. I’ve had it.

But anyway, back to the video – the video just looks like the perfecet artform to represent Azealia’s bad and good LSD trips (I am kidding, but it truly looks like that) Owls going on everywhere, Azealia bullying the po-poand mouths instead of eyes? It is hysterical. The production of the video is amazing too; the way Azealia is dancing, and screaming and throwing bottles at the cop – it is just as energetic as the track is. I do think she delivered it and I am happy.

And if you like her, get the single below, take a bite of the video and leave a comment below!

Yung Rapunxel - Single - Azealia Banks