In the past, we’ve probably said things along the lines of, we would probably never write about Justin Bieber, again on EQ Music Blog. As it’s only been on the rarest of occasions that we’ve expressed our thoughts on Bieber’s music offerings. With January being fairly quiet with BIG new music releases, you might notice on a few features, I’ll be playing catch-up. I probably made the pop crime of the century or something, because of being too invested in listening to the Georgia album “Seeking Thrills.” I forgot to listen to “Yummy” till now.

Please note this feature is out of choice and I haven’t had JB’s PR team knocking at my inbox imploring that I listen to the track on loop, to help out with the tracks attempted chart domination. It’s rather that I realise the error of my ways and my attempt at making amends for not being, woke up on the “Yummy” arrival. Plus there is no way of getting around the fact, that Justin’s vocals are on point or neither the undeniable swagger that “Yummy” has. I DID overlook this.

Besides how dare I not, observe the sweetness of the track, as a declaration of love to new wife Hailey. Being perfectly honest, I could well do without the food-themed video clip, but I get it and OK. I’m more looking forward to catching a look at the documentary series “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” which launches on YouTube today (slated to be a revealing look at the making of the new album by the pop sensation.) Whether you biebleve in Justin or not, he’s grown-up in the full glare of the music business and it will be interesting to see the “real Justin” not a version of him that’s been shaped by the music industry. (At least I hope, this is what we will get to see.)

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