Pop music does seem to be switching from disco to rock when seeking inspiration at the moment. I am noticing this happening more and more. With this in mind, you should know I am even more excited to listen to electronic, synth-pop, and 80s influenced tracks when they arrive in my inbox. As Sweden’s Tove Styrke harnesses these styles and sounds on her latest song, “YouYouYou” it really would be rude of me not to check it out.

Tove is good at pop, by the way. I just did not write about her before because I was waiting for her big pop moment to arrive.

Releasing “YouYouYou” is where Tove comes into her own. This is a song where she takes on the leading lights of Scandinavian and Nordic pop right now, Tove Lo and Sigrid. The UK is not as familiar with Tove Styrke as she is in other countries. Once through the slow burn verses and the full gloriousness of the chorus hits. “YouYouYou” is surely, the track that will reverse the trend.

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Is it of consequence that Tove releases her brightest, mainstream pop offering when she’s about to take a trip through Europe? She’s supporting MARINA on the European leg of her “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” tour.

The track sticks in my mind. There will be no forgetting Tove Styrke. “YouYouYou” also acts as the lead single. her fourth album “HARD” out on June 3rd through RCA/Sony Music.

With “YouYouYou” it really does seem like Tove is on a mission to get her music out to the masses. She has ticked all the right buttons here. The track hits like an instant classic. Eurovision could sure have done with a song like this, this year.

The video is a hot and sexy watch. Lots of dancing with passion in its purest form. Dance stylised video’s usually don’t grab my attention much, but this one is so sexy and alluring it was hard trying to look away. (While writing up this post, I watched the clip at least five times, probably more).

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