It has been a full year since we caught up with Alex Di Leo who was busy promoting his “Strange Open Land” EP. Let’s just say, I have learned that in this time, Alex hasn’t been allowing the grass to grow under his feet. Rather, that, the indie-pop singer relocated to Nashville and in doing so experienced a life-changing summer of adventures including a pivotal skydiving trip. Which earns a mention here, because, the jump has largely, inspired the new track “Youth,” out today.

I don’t think Alex could have scheduled the release of “Youth” any better than he has. The track has such a richly, yearning and hopeful melody, and I am truly loving the cooed harmonies. So, dreamy and blissful. “Youth” is just what I needed to hear in these uncertain times. A timely reminder about living in the moment.

Speaking about the confessional track, and skydiving event.

Regarding the jump, Di Leo enthuses. “I’ve definitely had a different, mentality since then. I was so, scared to jump, but it ended up sparking this sense of adventure in me, and I really, took that to the limit.”

Furthermore, “Youth” candidly examines how that shift in mindset, impacted Di Leo’s relationship. “It was a really, confusing and darker time in my relationship. All of those feelings, just came out in the moment, as I was writing “Youth,” he says.

In-putting everything together, especially when making a music video. How does Alex go about replicating the feeling of insecurity he was surely feeling, only seconds before he took his leap of faith, skydiving? The newly unleashed Samuel Fisher directed the clip, provides the answer. Alex keeps within the youthful trend and appears atop of a see-saw. As we watch on and see how Alex nimbly adjusts his balance, it becomes more apparent that the clip is more than likely suggesting, that he is, in fact, weighing up his options. I really think the video is cleverly put together as it has been left open, for us to make our own interpretation’s from it.

As the singer continues to show off his musical prowess and is pointing towards a new more confident sound. I am of the feeling “Youth” may just turn out to be the most prolific track to date for Alex Di Leo.

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