I first learned about Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir when attending The Great Escape festival in 2017. He wasn’t even on our schedule but at the last minute Raj and myself decided to take a punt by attending his showcase. It was a way of rounding off a jam-packed few days of new music discovery for us and also proved to be a very enlightening experience. We found out at first hand Ásgeir concerts were somewhat, introspective and sonically ambient. I can truthfully say, the beautiful set from the Icelandic artist has since left a lasting impression with me.

Today Ásgeir shares his first single and video “Youth” from his forthcoming album “Bury The Moon.” The new release was written in collaboration with his admired poet father Einar Georg Einarsson and translated into English by John Grant. The track celebrates his childhood growing up in a small Icelandic town, recalling the carefree way of life and the nostalgia of simpler times. Sticking with his dreamy, atmospheric signature style, he gives the listener a full sense of the chilly and otherworldly ambiance which clings to the surrounding landscape. His lyrics never scale back from displaying sincerity and emotion and is also true when speaking of this latest track “Youth.” In pieces and in moments reminisced, the song serves masterful strokes of arrangement alongside openly heartfelt, storytelling.

Of the forthcoming “Bury The Moon” album Ásgeir shares…

“I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions, and how it sits with people,” he says. “I wanted to take the project back to its roots, in a way, and make it more about honesty: honest songs with strong melodies and lyrics.”

In compliment of his vision for the album, the accompanying music video for lead track “Youth,” evokes beautiful, yet emotive feelings. Making use of the stunning Icelandic landscape in all of its otherworldliness.

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