While this blog is on a mission to celebrate, electronic, pop, indie and both shine a light on new music discoveries. I am also partial to changing pace with a soulful offering now and again. Because of, growing up near where I live in Suffolk. I know two time MOBO nominee Nate James does not disappoint when it comes to providing funky, freshness teamed with powerful lyricism. Once again, Nate’s true-to-form, releasing “You’re Not Alone.” An anthem, written about the daily struggles we endure.

The track comes at a crucial time. When because of, the fight against racial discrimination and inequality fuelled by the Black Lives Matters movement. Gender and sexual equality. And living under the lockdown and quarantine conditions of the pandemic. A lot of people may be feeling anxious and vulnerable with their wellbeing at a low ebb. A text or phone call can and do provide reassurance to those carrying the weight of their struggles. Also, a song, written with heart and soul offers a similar source of comfort. “You’re Not Alone” is a track which speaks volumes of truth and wisdom on these matters.

It is not like, we don’t already know of the benefits and truth spoke about in this track. Sometimes we benefit more when hearing someone else reminding us things will get better and restore some confidence in our beliefs. Nate James latest brings clarity. A sense of hope and empowerment, in all it speaks about, being overwhelmed and the feelings of not being able to cope with the difficulties we face.

If you’d like to take your support further of these issues than the track release alone. You might consider dropping by Sohomuse. “A virtual experience about racism in the entertainment industry and how to rise above it.” Nate will be taking part on the panel August 13, 7pm EST (details @ https://viewstub.com/sohomuseblm/

Connect with Nate James
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/natejamesofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nate__james
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenatejames/

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