Divine Knights High Res Press Shot 01

If there ever was a parallel universe with an alternative synth-pop version of Monarchy in it, lets face it, it would largely be coming to light as the Divine Knights wouldn’t it?!

Being that we are fans of both of these artisan electronic pop duo’s it’s an interesting point of fact and one which adheres to each in musicianship and their visual endeavours.

The Divine Knights moreover give us a strong insight into their identity by issuing steely determined electronica with a statement of intent behind it, which transpires from within their new romantic perceived core.

For their next release “Your Love”, the duo turn their attention to modes of pop and film noir, building upon their impressive repertoire by referencing in some of their greatest influences; Bowie, Pet Shop Boys and The Presets.

Calling in the assistance of Aussie reknowned feminist performance artist Emma Maye, whom if you are not aware has a burlesque alter ego who goes by the name of Betty Grumble and is more Pan Am than Dita Von Teese. See yet more Monarchy similarities, but once again in an off-kilter perspective!

Through the movement of contorting body shaping, the visual touches upon the erotic aesthetic in essence of Madonna’s “Justify My Love”, only there’s no beefcake involved like in Madge’s captured epic. But….. but…. There is Beef and Gerard (the Divine Knights behind the mask) making the odd cameo appearance and playing the part of lampstands and Madonna can’t lay claim to have a man lamp in her video can she!