Something good has come out of being lockdown, I have had plenty of spare the time to grab a listen of the latest Grimes album “Miss Anthropocene.” I have been curious about this release and wanted to dive into this exceptional concept piece, which has been receiving four and five, star reviews. What an album it was to get lost in through my Saturday afternoon. Lovely, enveloping sonic textures. A nice blend of electronics and a sweet calming voice to top it off. In truth, I needed to become part of an immersive experience which would completely, allow me to switch off from the craziness of the world outside. “Miss Anthropocene” took my mind to different and ethereal spaces. The album has almost meditative qualities. And, after my time in “Miss Anthropocene’s” company, I felt as though I had been spiritually cleansed by it. The offering isn’t particularly mainstream, although offers up glimpses with the tracks “Delete” and “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around,” which have been used as focus singles around the release.

Pop provocateur, Grimes has worked in a strong, visionary aesthetic with her videos, exhibiting otherworldly qualities and being transformative. We’ve most likely found the music videos embracing surreal situations and fantasy concepts. I reckon, if anyone is more Allie X than Allie X and grandiose, it’s Grimes. Only that in this respect, Canadian Claire Boucher has a few years over Alexandra Hughes.

Much of the promotional material was completed and signed off before the album release. But, with the grip of the current pandemic situation in effect, grounding the progress and completion of future music videos. Grimes has turned this sticky situation around by offering a unique opportunity for the creatively minded people out there. Around the “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around” release. She shares unfinished green screen footage, encouraging creators to generate their own videos, as part of a collective art project, using the raw files and audio stems she is making available to all. (Here is the Art Kit Download Link: https://we.tl/t-VhjIsjxA8B

Creators can post their videos on YouTube and share the link on Twitter using #grimesartkit. Grimes will be sharing some of her favourites on her social media channels.

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