Luciana 1

You can always rely upon Luciana to deal down the line of straight talk with some keenness of gusto, evidently the first lady of electro is a little rattled with twitter obsessed peoples over zealous talking in the medium of #Hashtag.

Joining forces once more with Dave Audé dishing out the neon blasting beats, Luciana’s spin on it is quite as you’d expect, überly sassy, on point of it and directly coming at us full pelt at a rate of knots stylised with her familiar signature rap retorts.

Extra kudos to the electro queen launching her vocal assault on the hashtagging favourite LOL, by raising it in a tribute likeness to that of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” refrain “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” – “LOL, LOL, LOL”, priceless but genius action all the same.

If it couldn’t get anymore colourful, Luciana’s dressed up in a multi-coloured frock made out of drinking straws. Yep being that she’s Luciana, it was probably the first thing she pulled out of her wardrobe.