As we have charted the growth of synthtronica outfit Ekkoes from practically their online inception. It is pleasing to become aware that Ekkoes progression as a band is now leading them into exciting times ahead.

The trio first came under our gaze a couple of years ago, when they initially struck out with their buzz assisted 80’s new-wave hedonistic effort “Fight The Feeling” and again, shortly after as they set about putting their crystalline twinkly interpretative spin on Lorde’sTeam”.

Yet since we last looked in on them there’s some serious major development’s to report upon. Firstly the debut album is in the bag and will be ready to drop in a couple of months and the not so small matter of being booked as support act on electronic pop legends The Human League’s “A Very British Synthesizer Group Tour” later in the year.

Before all this kicks off in earnest, Ekkoes are of course, stepping up their presence with focus towards their incoming long player release.

This all begins with “You Just Walked Away”, a jagged indie pop creation, schooled in an endearing throwback of hybrid assertive new-wave met with a full-on 80’s allure.

How do Ekkoes set about visualising this crisply turned out heartbreak pop ditty? Well they’ve taken much inspiration from the term Bedroom pop artist and have set up a stage beside a big old comfy double bed. Which let’s face it, in itself is quite 80’s ideology, promo video, visualistic isn’t it?!

Whatever comes next, be it a bop in the bathroom or a rave up in the kitchen, we’ll just have to strap ourselves in for the ride and see where Ekkoes continuing visual journey takes us. What we can be certain of however, is that this and future singles are taking us to a full-blown album release.