Say what!, Union J’s new single is written by the Grammy award winning Nasri, front-man of reggae/pop fusion band Magic!

Armed with that nugget of info, I have to say it was with some trepidation that I pressed play on this being that Nasri’s recent fondness of the reggae/ska vibes are kinda lost on me.

The peachy adorable little faces of Josh, JJ, Jaymi and George however, looked up at me from the press release and cracked me in a generous moment to cave in and have a listen nonetheless.

All told, this experience was not at all what I was anticipating, as the four cuties wrap their tonsils around a power ballad in exquisitely endearing boy band harmony. OK so this is nothing so new for Union J, but the Nasri info completely threw me off scent, since I know the boys are also working with Jamie Scott and I would have assumed that “You Got It All” would have fallen into his remit.

What is this time of year without a solid staple of le heartfelt delivered boy band ballad though!

The colour meter maybe running on empty for the video, but anyways the black / white chromatic shading along with shadowy projections is doing its job in creating an epic Union J panorama of boy band gorgeousness.