Olly Murs

If you think I’m going to talk about Olly stripping off in his new pop video sorry to disappoint you!

Instead I’m sharing my thoughts about the song and feelings for Olly Murs music in general.

Yes I know, Olly Murs on the pages of EQ is not something you’ve seen happen before now. Infact it’s taken the pop singer a whole 8 years long to be on the receiving end of our attention.

Damnit the former X Factor contestant has given out a proper electronic-pop bop for once which is just too suiting our tastes to ignore.

It comes by way of new single “You Don’t Know Love” which comes in follow-up to the alright pop effort “Kiss Me” and serves as taster to the forthcoming album due later this year.

I always felt with Olly that there was a kind cheeky persona with him, I like that, but the music through its evolvement just wasn’t shaking our tree.

From what I hear of “You Don’t Know Love” it feels like a real coming-of-age record.

The sense of direction here more than suits Olly’s pop encrusted vocals and the sound package as a whole is far more fitting for performer who is ripe to see off incoming contenders into his domain of boy-next-door music making.

Put it like this, there’s only so long you can get away with being that cheeky young chappie! I think Olly has quite run the remit on that, so it’s only right he’s getting into something of a different shape whilst still being pop at heart.

Credit where credit is due, Olly is only one of a select few former X Factor UK contestants to see out a career at this level for this kind of stretch of time. Mr popular has made it work for him, because that’s just at the crux of it, people LIKE Olly. They’ve seen him on TV and in the media, presenting and generally being a really connecting and relatable young man. This has always been his biggest point of win, but now it’s time to really get started off on a new footing where music is concerned.

Even though Olly has amassed a legion of supportive fans down the years, with the dawning of “You Don’t Know Love”, he’s just won himself a tentative addition in me, but only for the time being and if he sees through to keeping the pop coming out like this.

I’m sure Mr Murs will be quite ecstatic to know he has an extra fan!