How wonderful it is, having new music from Reyna arrive just before Vic and Gab entertain the folks to a set of their alluring lyrical pop at SXSW this Tuesday. It is so nice to learn they can perform at a festival setting again. I recall that in 2020 they dared to unleash a track named “Coachella.” (For obvious reasons, the renowned event didn’t go ahead in a live setting that year but transferred online). I wonder if their set at SXSW may, in due course similarly, inspire them to write another track that mentions a music festival? First, we have the latest Reyna track, “you could at least say goodbye,” to talk about.

EQ readers should be familiar with Reyna (because I have written about them numerous times on this blog.) I feel it prudent to point this out about the duo they have pulled a switcheroo. (i.e. they’ve retired the glossy synth-pop grooves we were fond of). Back in favour is the former indie-pop styling Reyna started out with. They are still Reyna, and above all else, the lyrical prowess is where it is all at with the siblings.

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They said it before, but this time they mean it. The highly anticipated debut EP is out May 6th. The lead single of the same name, “you could at least say goodbye,” gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from the concept EP. By way of introduction and dreamy indie-pop styling, Reyna chronicle all the different stages of a breakup. On the first single, they are taking a look at ghosting.

“No goodbye’s, no explanation, just an unanswered text message. It’s barbaric”. the duo says. “Ending a relationship like this kind of feels like pressing pause on a movie and not watching the ending.” 

I get it. In this situation, and in the song, they speak about seeking closure. There is much to contemplate yet, there is also never a dull moment from these chicas. They entertain us with another of their quirky music videos. Gab and Savannah Ziemann directed this one. Although light-hearted, the clip also checks in with the sombreness of the subject matter.

Reyna never seems to put a foot wrong. Their charm and personality shines through in everything they do. We like their attentive indie-pop flair equally as much as their dabblings with synth-pop. Reyna forever.

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