There are reality TV singing competitions the world over and yet the main stock that comes to our attention other than the UK market that is, would mostly be stemming from America and Sweden. Seldom do Australian entrants stray onto the European music radar as far out to the UK, but I’m figuring here that with Aussie disco Queen Kylie’s participation as a coach in the recent series 3 term of The Voice here in the UK is perhaps acting part catalyst in bringing a former Australian Idol and X Factor contestant Nathaniel Willemse over to these shores as of now to release his well received Australian debut single “You” over here.

The timing might well be right too, seeing as Sam Smith is quite this years new music hero combining emotive soul with powerhouse falsetto and also just recently one of the uk bred originals, Mr modern smooth himself Craig David has returned with to the UK music scene where there has been a surge in favour of soul funk tracks with a pop outlook making headway onto the mainstream music charts within the UK market throughout the year thus far.

Emerging Australian pop artist Nathaniel is the carrier of silky smooth urban vocals and possesses a falsetto range that might be seen as prodding into the arena of higher tier glass shattering high notes, a little likened to a male Mariah.

You will therefore find, that Nathaniel’s debut single “You” equates to being a prime soulful pop number and there isn’t any doubt whatsoever that it’s got the sexy going on, also Nathaniel’s vocals are solidly strong throughout and I’m sure there’s plenty of ladies out there especially, who are simply going to find themselves hurtling headfirst into a giddy few moments of swooning over Nathaniel when they hear him sing! I sure have!