Mel Jade 2

Here we have the latest pop effort by Aussie pop mama Mel Jade and ooo has she styled herself up in the foxiness!

The vivacious Sheila brought us an excitingly diverse debut album this summer in “Alive” which was brimming with creative input and skilfully multi-faceted pop making.

As Mel presents her latest album insight of “You”, she brings to the forefront her devil woman pop diva wickedness, unveiling a dark tinged disco infectious froth of sass.

With a playful glint in her eye, Mel teases us, pleases us with a candy-coated fashion parade through her wardrobe, a red carpet dress that she won on Ebay, whilst sporting some very becoming but accidental mauve locks due to a toner faux pa, that I am REAL envious of.

You” will spice up your life in a good way, especially if you’re open to a little electro rock chic action.