Stockholm based synth-pop band Lines well and truly, came firing out of the gate when debuting bombastic groover “Weekends” last year. A party song with a highly addictive, trippy profusion of EDM energy about overindulging and getting messed up, put the E into ecstasy with its kaleidoscope melody and beats. After, launching in such a popping and impactful way, in their return, the band turn down the blaring out loud power, to present synth-pop tracks like “You” which at best are fizzingly, effervescent, but not least still pitched on a feel-good high.

Since their riotous, arrival and with the fortitude of longtime friend Tove Lo speaking out on social media about them. The DIY band’s noticeability has soared, securing whopping amounts of audio streams and YouTube views under their belts. Lines songs are character driven and provocative. They convey themes of excessive lifestyle and behaviour which deal with what the band call “obsessive and destructive love.”

Like the tumultuous lyrics aren’t enough to conjure up a vivid picture in our minds. The band’s music videos are equally on par and adrenaline-fuelled with images, disturbing yet, fascinating. The grip felt by obsession is real in the Giannina Panfichi with Lines band member Erik Althoff directed clip. Nothing your mind conjures up will be as unsettling as looking at a ceiling decked with butchers knives pointing downwards at a writhing couple who are drunk on each other. Or how the lady in the clip feeds a blade into her mouth. The pleasure and pain principle is in full effect here. If, when reaching the three and a half minute, run time of the song the catchy melody isn’t already stuck in your head, the startling visual will stay with you longer. Lines do not do things by halves, as soon as you get hooked on the band’s danceable allure, they spiral off in an unexpected direction.

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