I have covered up-and-coming pop artist JLiNE on EQ Music Blog twice before yet, with the latest release “You Belong with Me” I feel he’s turned his artistry up a notch. I am mightly glad this track has worked out so well for the New York, born and raised singer. From what I’ve come to notice there has been no lack of effort on his part. Especially when tapping into the neon electro-pop vibes of the 80s as he does on the new track.

Teaming up with producer David Schuler (The bad dreamers) has benefited JLiNE immeasurably. It is instantly apparent how the glove-like fit of his voice gels so well with the Schuler’s retro steeped, synthwave soundscapes. Being honest. I feel like I am now listening to a whole different artist. I wasn’t aware that there was anything a miss on his previous efforts. With “You Belong with Me” there has been a, clicking into place of where every beat of the melody and stroke of production together with J-Line’s emotion-packed vocals deliver an ear-worm worthy track like never before.

The video which was shot during these quarantine times is kinda hot and endearing. Providing a snapshot look at the singer while he is seen caught up in reflective thoughts about a relationship which has hit the rocks. He yearns to go back and maybe get things back on track, resurrect the spark they once had. There is so much in the sentiment filled lyrics that provocatively explores the failings of a romance. The underlying message is clear, as far as JLiNE is concerned, the story is less than over.

As far as I am concerned, JLiNE must stick in this synthwave lane for a while. He has found his calling. I am highly interested to see how this new direction plays out.

Connect with JLiNE
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jlinemusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jlinemusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jlinemusic/

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