It’s just a touch before the Lovestarrs bring us their highly anticipated debut album “Planet Lovestarr”. Which we’ve been waiting on to arrive quite patiently by our standards because we just know that as one of our favourite bands it’ll be worth its weight in pop gold to us in the longer run.

Sarah and Hamish and a cast of supporters from their album Kickstarter campaign of last year have done something super fun for the final countdown single “WTF (Pop Culture). They’ve turned out a music video that takes a swipe at a number of news headline makers and major stories of this year and act out tongue-in-cheek, parody style skits which wouldn’t be a miss as one of the closing features in Jonathan Ross’s End-Of-Year review shows. Maybe you’ll find it more comedy planet Alan Carr or Keith Lemon – as Bo Selecta, as your tastes in UK comedy desire. We’ll not put up our fists and have a mock fight over it. When all said and done it’s been carried out in the best possible taste considering the bizarre new headlines that have burst through our TV screens this year.

We have to tell you that this particular version of “WTF (Pop Culture)” is a special single version of the track, there will be a slightly different variation ending up on the album.

Gotta hand it to the Lovestarrs though, for finding some mirth in some of the most bizarre and at times shocking stories that have shaped 2016.

Lovestarrs and their cast of Kickstarter supporters would like to have it known that no ‘actual’ celebrities were harmed in the making of this pop video. So we’re at liberty, to sit back, snigger away and roll our eyes at the charming but bizarre nonsense of it all. Bring on 2017 already sure to god it can’t be as strangely whack.