I remember checking out a young pop artist named Denis Coleman a few years ago when the lad’s music career was in its infancy. Even at the time, he was one of the youngest burgeoning pop kids around. The US-born/ UK raised pop artist is now 18-years-old and, apart from being slightly older, Denis continues making positive strides in the music industry. One worry I have with all young boy popstars is, having a tendency of just wanting to be like Justin Bieber. (I understand the aspiration because everyone looks up to someone.) It is also good that Denis has begun thinking outside of this box. And with the latest track, “Wrong Reasons“, concentrates on growing his artistry and sound.

Bieber vibes, be gone. The way to get me very interested in Denis Coleman is switching up instead with some cool Conan Gray and YUNGBLUD influences. As is what has happened on “Wrong Reasons“. A pulsing banger fired up by a swaying rhythm and a widescreen pop sound. This is now the kind of track I would expect of a bright emerging talent wanting to catch a break on the pop scene.

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Denis explains…

“I’ve certainly felt the need for wild escapism – and sometimes, we need “someone” in order to experience it. “Wrong Reasons” focuses on that “someone”. The track “is a cry for colour in a monochromatic world. A twisted love letter not just to romance, but to the beautiful risk we call life”.

You might think, those are some pretty profound words coming from an 18-year-old. They are that but also be aware, at 15 years of age Denis became a brand ambassador for the mental health charity, Power of Musik. He is both clued-up and grounded and very mindful about wellbeing. He is probably more emotionally equipped than most newbies starting out in the music business. How refreshing. But this is not the end of the list of Denis’ many good qualities and talents. He also directed the very, good “Wrong Reasons” music video.

I feel I could go on and on, but know this, Denis Coleman is an emerging artist worth keeping an eye on.

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