The return of the pop duo The Ting Tings, came forth with a new showing of sound – disco glamour, with a retro funk presence of Studio 54 hipster cool surrounding it.

Front woman Katie White embraces all of the era as she more or less single womanly gets her party groove on during the promotional video clip for upcoming lead single “Wrong Club” off of the forthcoming new album “Super Critical”.

In viewing this video it does strike a chord of reminiscence to the giddy days of Top Of The Pops since it does appear that Katie’s contemporary dance moves are in some way reflective of what we assume would have been a fitting audition piece for either of the shows resident dance troupe’s Pans People or Hot Gossip. Although that massive head of crimpled hair is leaning more towards the league of Hot Gossip I guess.

It’s not all eyes on Katie though, as if you’re not too blinded by the fancy moves and laser beams you might also just catch a glimpse of Jules funkateering it up on his guitar.

Now having just read through the press release, I think the idea behind Katie’s froth of hair could well be in homage to Diana Ross, seeing as the starting point for the record actually grew out of a photograph of Diana Ross emerging out of a curtain into the DJ Booth at Studio 54 which Katie happened to find.

Whatever way you look at it, Katie is werkin it, and werkin it hella good. Imagine on the back of this, she’s now a hot contender to be included within the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.