The soul-stirring Rowan Drake song “Would You Do It Again?” soothed me in my hour of need this week, and I noticed that it had healing properties that prepared me to cope with my difficult times. The fact is, I have listened to the endearingly vulnerable new song rather a lot. As a result of the tumultuous week that I had. Although when writing “Would You Do It Again?“, Rowan was in fact, pondering a breakup. This track creates a perfect atmosphere for expressing emotions thanks to its almost poetic songwriting and haunting lo-fi soundscape.

During this breakup, Rowan sought answers before parting ways with his partner because, as he explains,

“‘Would you do it again?’ is a question I asked my last love close to the end of our relationship”. When “she paused for just a little too long and said with all the pain she experienced along the way. She honestly did not know if she would. That answer coming from someone who had given and sacrificed so much for me,” he describes as “a conflicted and painful moment.”

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Ultimately, the breakup experience led to the creation of this song. Noticeably, because his hypnotic form of pop is, moreover, fearlessly confessional. It is that Rowan’s intuitively tender approach to writing songs helps him search for clarity in the many relatable daily life situations he writes about.

From the recent singles thus far that build towards the debut EP due later this year, the track “Would You Do It Again?,” is Rowan’s most poignant work. Although it is the case, everything he makes is both utterly listenable and relevant that I have fallen under a spell by his soft pop music. I fully intend to keep a close eye on his progress. Since, in my opinion, his potential is great. Furthermore, I believe he is a perfect fit as a future tastemaker favourite.

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