Wings” is arguably to be seen as one of the more conservative efforts on “Surrender”, Hurts recently released third studio album.

Am I a bit surprised that it’s been released as a single though? Well in a nutshell…….. not in the least! Since, “Surrender” is an album brimming with an overload of dramatic grandeur. When it comes to a melancholy gravitated pop ballad, it is almost seen as the only other stab at a switch in dynamics.

Thus the heavy promo that launched us into the album release concentrated the listening audience’s engagement towards the bolder cinematic overview. As we have now digested the mainstay of “Surrender’s” grandiose cocktail of heady pop music theatre, is it a wonder that Hurts now reach the point of returning to the duo’s familiar signature brand of bittersweet electro-pop?…… well no!

Equally Hurts could have plumped for “Wish” but they’ve gone with “Surrender’s” ballady companion “Wings” instead.

Theo knows his way around a big emotional raised ballad though, as time has attested. “Wings” just gives Theo a slightly bigger platform to expand his lungs within and create a feature amongst Adam’s boldy epic electronic odyssey that is “Surrender”.

“Wings” deals with the topic of loosing your way and spiraling of control and in this circumstance serving as a follow-up to the dark disco-pop effort “Lights” makes sense, even more so when we take into account that the visual is again directed by Dawn Shadforth.

There is partying. There is kissy, kissy action. There is more Theo dancing Whoop! And man does Mr Hutchcraft look smokin’ hot, rocking the guy liner.

Perhaps I’d not regard “Wings” as one of the high-points of the album, but I can see how it’s course has been plotted in terms of album campaign and that all makes some kind of sense to me anyways.