As a music blogger, I always strive to cover what I perceive as the most interesting and unique bands out there. Namely, with a particular focus on electronic, pop, and indie genres. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve yet to cover the incredibly talented synth-pop duo Great Good Fine Ok. (Who have been making music for over a decade). However, I am thrilled to finally be writing about this LA-via-Brooklyn duo and their incredible contribution to the synth-pop scene. Specifically, because in their latest track, they ask the million-dollar question, “Will We Make It?

About the premise of their latest song, Great Good Fine Ok say,

“You can yell, ‘I really need to know right now, will we make it,” to someone “but there’s no one who can really answer that question, and you can never know for sure anyway. One thing is certain though: life is just a string of days and if you’re unhappy for a lot of them, you might want to make a change.”

Sound advice, that!

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As befits a synth-pop duo, the song “Will We Make It?,” is suitably synthy and unsurprisingly composed in a pop vein. Sounding somewhat reminiscent of The Knocks, if I am being honest. The track offers a delicious taste of what is to come on their upcoming EP, set to release in early 2024 via Nettwerk.

I picked out “Will We Make It?” over many other synth-pop tracks sent to me, namely because the music video directed by Eliot Charof (BENEE, AWOLNATION) was endearingly unique and captivating. Continuing my spoiler-free summing up. The storytelling is spot-on, and the comedic element adds a nice touch to the uncertainty and emotion conveyed in the song. Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman of Great Good Fine Ok – together with director Eliot Charof definitely nailed it with this one.

This music video has given me a new perspective on the potential uses of keytars, for sure!

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