Blimey, some real ingenious work went into the making of 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Wildflower” music video. The Aussie band who are currently in the thick of promoting “CALM” their fourth studio album, were, preparing to record the visual for the fifth single lifted from the release. Yet, due to California’s shelter-in-place order, the band’s original video shoot got cancelled. With some quick thinking (and because of how well “CALM” is performing globally) a new plan of action was drawn up.

The revised process involved transporting a green screen and camera to each band member’s doorway in order to film their individual parts. Genius arranging by Director Andy DeLuca and assistant director Sarah Eiseman who also specifically learned to create the vibrant animation embellishments which also feature in the clip. Like, WOW. I really would not have known that this finished product was the result of an eleventh-hour turn of events. The footage completely segues with the infectiously, upbeat melody. (Which I might add is 80s inspired and sees the guys, embracing an electrifying, synth vibe, big time.)

A heap load of creativity has gone into the visual interpretation of this dynamically, powerful track. Some very clever editing, piecing together the separate elements which were filmed on their phones. It didn’t actually, occur to me that the band were not filmed as being together. I didn’t notice, I got caught up in the song and with singing along to it. Besides, the chosen visual effects are properly trippy and fluorescently coloured, not unlike what was used in music videos from back in the day. You know I read an interesting article the other day, which stated that since we’ve been observing self-isolation, streaming stats have revealed, we are turning to music tracks which are soothing and calming to listen to. “Wildflower” is a go-getter anthem but does come from a CALM place, being that it’s the name of the latest 5SOS, album.

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