I am writing this feature as a complete newcomer to the music of America’s Got Talent alum Brian Justin Crum. Please don’t hold it against me that I don’t keep up with the goings-on of one of America’s top talent shows as I don’t religiously switch on the TV coverage of the British version either. As I realise I won’t be the only person just discovering him here are a few facts about the San Diego native to bring us up to speed. Brian became a part of the pop culture zeitgeist with his audition performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” on the 11th season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He went on to secure his spot as a top 4 finalist. His energetic dance remake of Robyn’s hit from 1997, “Show Me Love,” reached No. 2 on Billboard’s dance chart. He just released “Wild Side” which was penned and produced by Frankmusik.

The track is quite a provocative piece by Frankmusik and, is among the rawest, most emotive material Vincent has worked on. The proudly poignant vocal delivery, on the song, is particularly empowering and the accompanying visual actually, features some real government footage of conversion therapy practices. Brian comments “It is important that we acknowledge how far we have come from the archaic time when LGBTQ people were sent to mental hospitals and psychiatric wards to find a cure for their ‘sickness,’ but we still have so far to go. We need to have a healthy attitude towards consensual sex amongst partners. I hope this song opens up that dialogue so, members of the LGBTQ community no longer feel shame for their sexual expression.”

The way, the sensitive topic is addressed is especially potent and challenging to watch and an intoxicating match to Brian’s unapologetically, aching powerhouse vocals.

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