Troye Sivan 1

For a young emerging artiste Troye Sivan certainly knows his mind and focus when it comes to managing his creativity. From the outside looking in like I have been on Troye’s emergence into the music arena, it could all be to easy to get caught up in the whirl of social interaction that is feverishly fed by a considered viral sensation such as Troye is regarded. Deeper in than that, it is the way that Troye connects and how he relates to bringing out an authentically focused approach not only within his music but the social message it carries out into the world which should be considered to be one of his most strikingly endearing qualities uppermost. I know I find Troye to be a very knowing and aware young man, and that is just so heartenly inspiring above all else.

Since “TRYXE” and it’s most major release “Happy Little Pill” first surfaced the eyes and ears of the world have become aware that Troye Sivan is more than the average YouTube grown artiste. In as much that “Happy Little Pill” took up position in promoting the signature sound of Troye, I’ll be honest there was a missing element that wasn’t pulling me onside so much with that track in particular, I much preferred “Fun” off of the debut effort. It just resonated with me more.

This being so, I have regarded Troye as an artist to watch and have since been locked in anticipation for the follow-up release of the “Wild” EP, which in true to form Troye fashion has been teased and flaunted on his social media with the briefest of Vine length snippets and shared out in quantity by his excitable social audience.

I have had my ears tuned to the “Wild” EP since it dropped in the early hours of Friday and I can confidently comment that it offers a key role in the development of Troye Sivan, to my mind it shows much more creative invention and it all works in Troye’s favour. I won’t go any deeper on it than this for now, as I’m hopeful that in giving us a video triology titled “Blue Neighbourhood” to promote this release Troye will be plucking out more of “Wild’s” content to be thoughtful over at a later date.

So “Wild” has arrived and with it as its first point of impact a beautifull portrayal of friendship turned to love in the visual presentation of the title track. This is so tastefully considered and not at all, in-your-face. Heart warmingly inspiring and a great move by a young artiste and spokes-person who holds so much insight and focus in all that he does.

What more can I add, this video and song package is emotionally awesome, inspiring and on-point.