sharon needles

“Beautiful, spooky and stupid”, are words that describe the new Sharon Needles video from HEAD to toes, darling. The punk queen and WINNER of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 has saved the last quarter of 2013 with the new single “Why Do You think You Are Nuts” and its TRANSfabulous video.

Sharon Needles was locked away in studio while recording ““Why Do You Think You Are Nuts” and the single proves that the time she spent was worth it. The video takes us on a trip to an old creepy house, where she holds an intimate gig with two other queens serving Penny Magic Show realness, bringing the song to a whole new level of perfection. Are you nuts, are you nuts, ARE YOU NUTS??? it’s brilliant. Even the cockroaches crawling on the wall are fabulous. Your favorite queen could never.

“PG-13”, Sharon Needles‘s debut album stays completely true to her own creative and artistic vision, and it proves that Miss Needles is not just a popular queen, but also a talented recording artist.

Watch “The Shrink” inspired music video below: