Oh my good god. I wrote about Sam Tompkins in 2014. He showed promise as someone to watch. I have followed his journey all this time via social media (I think it was because he shared a cover of “Pompeii” by Bastille). And I know it’s been a ride. He kept plugging away all the time nonetheless while getting better and better. That said, I didn’t expect Sam to make a return to pop, as in the new single “(w)hole“. (Being that foremost, in his formative years he focused his efforts on indie, RnB and rap). I noticed he had been excitedly getting hype for the new music to come out, and I knew why the instant Sam shared a tease of the new track online.

It only takes one track to make the breakthrough happen. I cannot help but think that “(w)hole” is the one for Sam Tompkins. There will be something in the lyrics of the track that resonate with each and every listener. He’s really laid his emotions about mental health and about feeling broken inside on the line. In doing so, he has also picked up some celebrity interest, receiving co-signs (seal of approval) from the pop megastar Justin Bieber. Regardless without this information and on first hitting play, I knew “(w)hole” was an ace track. The vocals are sung with immense feeling. So much emotion. Extremely touching.

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“I think “(w)hole” is sort of a realisation of knowing that not every problem in the world can be fixed by one person. !f there is meaning or purpose to this life, it has to come from being and working alongside one another. Sam shares.

The video echoes Sam’s brief above. We see him catching a ride in a lift. Far from being alone with his thoughts, the elevator soon fills up a diverse group of passengers. Each one, carrying some traumatic baggage with them as they board the ride. Will anyone emerge in a better mindset when the elevator doors open than when they jumped aboard?…

Definitely, give “(w)hole” by Sam Tompkins a spin. If you’ve been missing the emotive, heartfelt pop of Lewis Capaldi or Tom Walker.

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