In introduction of Lena Katina’s debut album we have already found ourselves enthralled by it’s spiky pop-rock dynamic countdown reveal of album promotional track “Fed up”, next up comes the newly landed album title track and 1st single “Who I Am”.

In setting the precedent for the album, we see Lena fully open to expressing just who she should be seen as, the true Lena that lies behind the popstar gauze. Taken down to an aesthetic imagery level within the accompanying visuals of peachy eau naturalness.

Who I Am” is once more of the pop-rock orientated directive, to which the ideology behind song and visuals combined is to reinforce that even though Lena is a popstar, it doesn’t mean that she is in anyway different to anyone of us, she feels, happiness, sadness and all that goes in-between just like us none celebrity, out of the public eye, ordinary folks.

Credit to her, as whether glammed up in designer threads or as nature intended, Lena strikes a vision of pure beauty inside and out and the single is pretty epically surround sound cinematic in its empowering impact.