All that Australian sun, former LMFAO Party Rocker Redfoo has been soaking up whilst he took up a seat on the judging panel of the X-Factor Australia seems to have mellowed the live wire out a little. If his new choice of single is anything to go by.

Or maybe even the FOO recognises that you just can’t party hard all the time!

This is not to say that the new tune “Where The Sun Goes” hasn’t got a hot little spring in its step. As FOO’s only even acquired pop legend Stevie Wonder to add some toot, toot, tooting of his harmonica onto the track. Well fancy that!

Also “Where The Sun Goes” is the title track of Redfoo’s debut album and thus suggestively hints that this single acts as the lead-in to it’s imminent release. We assume for those that might feel a little short-changed at Redfoo’s brief change of direction on this summery soul funk jam, that there will be a fair amount of party rocking times ahead to be had going-on with on the album. So don’t you all be putting your party pants away for good just yet!

Praises be! The video on this one is still larger-than-life jokes, madcap and much as always seeming as though a cartoon caper has come to life – making a feature of a comedy sun and of course a fair few sun baes. Even the LMFAO Shufflebot is down for some bopping!

So when all said and done it is still very much the FOO in spirit!

Errm speaking of which anyone get the impression there might be some product placement of a tropical spirit based beverage going on here?…….. thinking about it I don’t think I’ve had a glass of that particular adult pop since 1993. How one reminisces how retro delicious that was back then with a shot of pineapple.