Epoch Failure 1

Room for a fun loving party song with youth on its side? I think so!

Clear the decks of all your grown up ways & perhaps a little bit boringly responsible thoughts for a few minutes, as youthful New Jersey hip hop duo Epoch Failure have landed on EQ with their upbeat sassy pop song “Where I’m Sposed To Be”.

If the fun time video is anything to go by, the onus on this song is nothing but fun, colour and letting loose, so let’s jump in and join in with them I say! I mean let’s be honest a grown up’s daily life can be a touch tedious at times, but for most us there’s still the beating of that rebellious little kidadult inside that breaks out of the surface every once in a while, “Where I’m Sposed To Be” is the kind of song that is likely to awaken that dormant part of us.

I have no idea how old these guys are but I do kind of find it jokes that they sing “I feel so young, so free” when they’re looking as if they’ve just hit their twenties if that! but I’m not going to allow that to detract from the happy vibes I’m drinking up from their catchy song.

Seriously, I can just feel the years rolling back as this track drives along, and since reaching the end of it, I’m filled with the urge to do something reckless, but knowing myself it’d be sensibly so of course! Well maybe as the pool party crowd in the video are so smiley happy, I’d allow myself to be a tiny bit on the minxy side. Fill my glass up with Vodka water, hold the lemonady even! and hell yeah, tag me on Facebook!

Right now I feel “Where I’m Sposed To Be” is in this pool and partying out with these gals and guys. Doubtless if you’re of the similar taste in music and mindset as myself, y’all be wanting to do the same!