Vanbot press-05

Photo: Rikkard Häggbom

There’s been a lot of walking about and hanging out vibes in videos this week, (For BDK and The Good Natured) now comes the turn of Swedish electro pop artist Vanbot who would like us to all go out for a stroll with her.

We say stroll, think of it more as a cross country ramble across the snowy covered Scandinavian landscape. Make note Vanbot is a bit of a power walker and is sure to get our hearts a pumping both with a healthy glow from the outdoor endurance and also from the chivalrously spirited pop anthem “When My Heart Breaks” that accompanies it

Yes we know it’s been said before, but we’re pretty damn sure that she’s really the femme-bot cousin of Robyn or something and the electro pop glorious “When My Heart Breaks” does nothing to dispel our assumption.

In readiness for the release of her sophomore album coming later this year, Vanbot is giving us this delightful pop morsel, (the 2nd single) as a  FREE DOWNLOAD here.