Here we go again. Kygo has positioned himself as the man of the moment after unleashing a banging remix of the Tina Turner 1984 hit “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” In 2019, the Norwegian producer and DJ put his own spin on “Higher Love” recorded by Whitney Houston, and it’s fair to say, the Kygo update of the track went stratospheric. It is looking, that the same level of affection is about to be replicated by the listening public for the superstar DJ’s amazing rework of Tina’s much-loved 80s disco stomper. It’s already zipping swiftly, up the charts, with pundits predicting the new mix will claim the #1 spot when the next Official UK Top 40 Chart is unveiled on Friday.

Statistics have revealed, we have favoured listening to our favourite tracks as a way of easing the pressures endured of being placed in lockdown. This, together with the facts laid open, Tina has yet to have earned a UK #1, (I’m astounded) is spurring the DJ’s dance mix on to give the 80-year-old singing, icon her first UK chart-topper.

Additional to the hot new Kygo mix, there’s the music video directed by Sarah Bahbah which has been released as part of the track support package. The clip featuring actress/ former model Laura Harrier and Charles Michael Davis (“The Originals” alum) explores the complexities of a relationship. On the surface, the twosome seems like a golden couple to everyone around them. Director Bahbah takes us behind the closed doors where we get to see a different picture emerge. There is more than one side to every story. Sarah’s visual interpretation of the powerful, heart-break lyrics hits on an emotional level.

“The explorations behind this music film was to visually demonstrate the belief that we all have access to an infinite supply of love, but sometimes itโ€™s not always where we demand it to be.” – Sarah Bahbah (extract from directors note shared via YouTube)

Whether Kygo’s mix mastery or Sarah’s exemplary film work or both touches base with you most. The polished work which has been poured into “What’s Love Go To Do With It” shines out. I personally, love the captions, which have been added to the video footage. They read like script cues and directions. Adds even more weight to the storytelling. I, stan the video more because of them.

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