I wonder how many covers there are of the Imogen Heap track “Hide and Seek“? Let’s not just stop there. Imogen’s songs have without a doubt been sampled countless times more. The one which most notably springs to mind. “Whatcha Say“. The debut track that helped launch Jason Derulo. His hook was lifted from Immies’ “Hide and Seek“. His use of the hook on “Whatcha Say” has seen sample streaming stats climb into the hundreds of millions.

It’s been years since we’ve written on this blog about anything Imogen Heap-related. We must admit that the lack of Imogen content on here. Has left us, twitchy. We love her. You can then imagine how excited we were last week. When noticing the Portuguese DJ/Producer Drenchill and his serial vocal collaborator Dutch singer, Indiiana. Have put their own spin on “Hide and Seek” / “Whatcha Say“.

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Drenchill (aka Kourosh Tazmini) is synonymous with his house-styled electronic music in Portugal. He has done a great job with Heap’s track. Lifting it up euphorically and ramping up the danceability to the max. We are especially fond of Indiiana’s vocals. They are in keeping with Imogen’s vocoder-styled original. There is no need to remind us how revolutionary “Speak For Yourself” and Imogen Heap are. We are nonetheless grateful for the prompt to revisit this album again.

Hide and Seek” is such a dreamy song. It sparkles with a special kind of magic of its own. When reworking the track. It is crucial to keep this key component, firmly in mind. While not being an emotion which easily slots into an EDM interpretation. A visual element. Is the place we are most likely to see this kind of attention to detail, at its best. The music video directed by Dany Wild does a great job. Bringing out the haunting qualities of the Imogen Heap original alongside the modern touches of the Drenchill interpretation. Using soft lighting effects. Simulating the romance and mysteriousness a moonlit sky evokes.

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