When New York dance pop artiste BEX sent me along this video to her beat laden club stomper “What You Are” I was a little unsure if it was EQ enough. I mean we do like to see a video-wowing epic now and again here on EQ, and would BEX prove to be a little more dazzling than the average disco Princess.

Hit by the image of BEX shimmering from top to toe in gold leaf replicating an Oscar statuette was affirmation enough in a quick second to put that first thought to bed and to conclude that it was indeed EQ enough!

The emerging dance diva, premiered her vast anthem “What You Are” at the Winter Music Conference in Miami earlier this year and it practically had every mirror ball spinning glitter to it’s dance heavy rhythm and infectious pop hooks.

You could call it a golden nugget of old and new dance pop, but then it is barely a nugget, it is a dirty, sexy, ugly, perfect fathermucker slam of Studio 54 disco era glittered up and twisted into the modern era with lasers, lights maybe just a glimmer of LMFAO but with more bling than a window display in Asprey’s.