Vita  Chambers 1

It’s not like we haven’t covered exciting pop proposition Vita Chambers before, infact, practically a year ago we were loved up in sound with Vita’s hot dance pop number “Fix You”.

A year on, we get up to speed with the ongoings from the chambers of Vita’s burgeoning pop repertoire as the Canadian native takes a shot at replicating the success she has scored on her North American home ground to these UK Shores.

In the upcoming couple of months, Vita will be flipping us a double whammy by releasing a double A sided hot mess of both “Fix You” alongside her newest colourful urban dance funky groover “What If?”.

Are we hooked on this 90’s sassy club vibe? You betcha, Vita rolls “What If?” with Whitney Houston statuesque vocals, and we must not forget although her name and sound brand has been predominantly circulating via social media for a number or years now Mz pop thing has still only now broken through the other side of her teens in years.

Both “Fix You” and “What If?” are demonstrative of Vita’s shiny spirit and they both display a talent that is beyond her years.

Do I think the UK could be up for pushing shapes to Vita’s club influenced titans on the dancefloor? I’m sure as an audience we’re capable and tuned into the dizzying force of these tracks to give them some notice and a bite at success on the UK club scene.