What prompts me to write about Carly Rae Jepsen for the first time ever? Could it be “Western Wind,” the superstar’s dreamy new track which debuted at Coachella? Why yes, it is. When I woke on Friday morning, at least three emails had come in overnight about this track. They don’t want me to overlook this one, was my first thought when peering into my inbox.

Gazing at the updated playlists and release lists first, I felt I had already written about the best pop release of the week by far, (“No One Dies From Love” by Tove Lo). With nothing much else leaping out at me, “Western Wind” moved to the top spot for priority listening. Up until this point, I had preconceived notions about Carly Rae’s pop catalogue. However, these thoughts were soon dispelled, as I found myself falling charmed by “Western Wind” pretty instantly.

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The dreamy soundscape and whispery vocals evoke soothing feelings of self-reflection. Daydreaming and calm. The kind of music I would pick out for a long journey. As it captures a nostalgic vibe that works in well when staring out from a window while watching the countryside roll by. When listening to “Western Wind,” I imagine myself on a cross-country train trip. As I gaze out at the green grassed fields, the sun is golden and glowing, and there is a gentle breeze sweeping across them. This image and connection boost my happiness. It is the feeling of breaking free from the ties of daily life.

If a trip away is out of the question, we do not have to miss out on these mindful moments. The “Western Wind” music video picks up the theme. Take a break. Watch Carly running through wildflower meadows, enjoying the sense of freedom and limitless space, the outside. For same feels.

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