Isn’t it strange when featuring Caroline Polachek for the blog. I have highlighted a number of her collaborative releases. Although, as of yet, did not once feature a solo effort by the alt-pop sensation? This was until a week ago, as I heard her latest vocally expressive song, “Welcome To My Island“. Where I have subsequently craved that a video to be released. This being the reason why I needed to witness all of the track’s aesthetics, since the song has great energy. Where I wanted to experience every bit of the power the song sparks off to maximum effect.

I love that the vocals in “Welcome To My island” are wild and untamed in a manic, crazy way. It is with exhibiting a multitude of dynamics. That she is accordingly creating a track that is vibrant and also unabashed in its release of emotions. In terms of vocals, everything is done with startling effect. Her call is a distinctive, ululating yell that makes me zone right in on this track with huge curiosity and intrigue. The result is. Caroline is keen to alert us to something. But what?

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Firstly, I think that her plea is that every one of us has something we need to figure out. And now that she found a way to call us over to take a look at her new video. We are blissfully uncertain about what is happening and what is about to happen. We are thus swept up in the euphoria and randomness of the track anyway.

As a collection of vignettes, the music video is somewhat tantalizing. These segue continuously and rapidly that there is very little time to process what is going on. This is how Caroline wants us to feel. Slightly perplexed, leaving us wanting to know more about her upcoming album “Desire, I Want to Turn Into You“.

One thing is for sure, as the album drops and the tour begins, all will become clear. Since recently announcing European/UK dates with an anticipated London show at Brixton Academy on the album release date of 14th February 2023. Now she has announced a run of North American tour dates. Caroline has us where she wants us. Feverishly anticipating everything she has on the way.

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