To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular when I watched The Wanted’s new music video for “We Own The Night” this morning and what I got wasn’t anything spectacular either. But nevertheless, I really enjoyed the simple production and homegrown flair that The Wanted have created with “We Own The Night”.

Simply just shot in a pub in West London, the music video is just chock full o cheer and beer. If anything, it looked like “We Own The Night” was a lot of fun to film and make. The song itself is an instant singalong and it’s nice to see the boys catalogue of hits grow larger and larger with every new single they put out.

The last time I saw a show by The Wanted, it was packed with screaming girls and the boys were wearing Halloween costumes. It was a bit of a “oooh, this is a bit too teenage tacky for me”, but since then, the members of The Wanted have matured and shown the world they have become pop band greatness. I’d love to see a show by The Wanted nowadays – with enough material to perform a greatest hits production, their show would surely be out-of-this-world.