Real curious about this newcomer called JANE and that’s exactly how they want us to be!

JANE is from L.A. although, he isn’t about to follow suit of the synth-pop masses that it produces, because he’s set his sights at going things a bit differently to those around him.

In an exposé interview with Interview Magazine, (which acted as his introduction) JANE went so far to infer, he’s pretty much a disillusioned soul who feels that people in general are too into doing what everybody else is doing. The local music scene is kinda pastiche in JANE’s thinking and well he’s just not down with that groove.

JANE maybe a tad funked off that everybody wants to sound the same right now but he’s not about to bow to trends. He’ll just create one of his own by looking further into the mists of pop for inspiration, that is all.

Every few years or so disco comes back into view and JANE’s chosen to bring it back into vogue with full-on neo-soul funky aplomb by way of debut offering “We Don’t Wanna Dance”. Even going so far to seek out the right kind of kitsch setting for the video action to take place. The Madonna Inn on the California coast proved to be the haven of 70’s décor it probably can lay to claim to having the loudest wallpaper and the biggest volume of shagpile carpet for around miles around.

JANE on the other hand isn’t feeling any of the effects of it, he’s just mellowing in his cool, man. Doing his own thing! Meanwhile JANE’s got everyone else out here booging in our seats and feeling sassy. Am I right? Or am I right?