Ever since Avec Sans released their debut album “Heartbreak Hi” last year they have really upped the ante with their accompanying visual mediums.

The videos have taken a step forward. They’ve become a dynamically bolder product with a neatly serviced polish about them. Dressed up in mood enhanced visual FX, they serve as a fitting gateway into the world of Avec Sans.

In the little break from touring and before they head out on their next one (which incidentally will be their first headline tour of North America) Jack and Alice turn their focus to adorning us with a new single, opting for the very Chvrches like anthem “We Are” to take up the position.

The release of this video comes directly after the duo made their UK TV debut, with a lovely special feature spot that was recorded at “Electric Dreams” (a Butlins Big Weekender) and aired on satellite channel Vintage TV. Quite an event for an emerging band such as Avec Sans to gain TV coverage like this. If you missed it, I’d thoroughly recommend that you hang tight for a repeat viewing opportunity that might occur at a later date. It really should get another showing, you know, being that Avec Sans are the embodiment of 80’s synthwave for the modern generation.

Take heart if you missed out. Jump right into the atmospheric muted colour projections of the “We Are” visualizer instead. It’s very pleasing to the eye and will emit a blissfully, captivating electronica experience into your ears all in one hit.